Why is the Greater Hudson Valley Baseball League the finest youth travel baseball organization in the NY/CT area?

UNMATCHED LEAGUE PARITY – The GHVBL is comprised of teams placed into one of 4 divisions (D1, D2, D3, & D4).  Stressing PARITY, we treat divisions exactly the same.  As a result, no league in the area produces more 1-3 run games…..  Assuming we have enough teams in a division, we will host Division Playoff & Champions in each division.  In larger divisions, we may split playoff brackets into a Championship, Gold, and Silver tournament.

SCHEDULE FLEXIBLITY – GHVBL coaches create season schedules around their teams availability.  Coaches participate in a structured scheduling meeting (in-person or virtually) where they collaborate and pair up with like teams for weekday or weekend, single/doubleheader games on a schedule that works for your families. Teams schedule around local recreation leagues, team blackout days, tournaments, etc. – you set YOUR schedule based on team availability. Play as many games as you like – or just fill in around a tournament schedule – it is your call.  Any day of the week, day or night, single or doubleheader games.  Develop your kids at your pace.

ALL TEAMS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS – Regardless of how many teams participate – All will compete for the championship and awards in playoff tournaments at the conclusion of the regular season as long as you play the regular season minimum (6 games in Spring/Fall, 8 games in Summer), although you may play more or less games.  Treat the regular season as a chance to develop your kids WITHOUT THE FEAR of missing the postseason  The regular season is used for Playoff Seeding only.

ORGANIZED & PROMPT COMMUNICATION – Our WEBSITE (WWW.GHVBL.COM) is updated nightly with game schedules, results, discussion board, & live standings! WE ASSIGN THE BEST professional umpires in the area – you never have to schedule an umpire… 

AFFORDABLE – Our league does not have extra costs – NO extra town fees, no extra umpire assignor fees, no extra forfeit bonds – simply pay the GHVBL registration fee ($325), and you are good to go – we bring teams together, assign umpires, and facilitate the best competition, in the most organized league in the area.  We have exclusive pricing for Diamond Sports tournament grade baseballs for $42 a dozen.

MANAGEABLE TRAVEL & GREAT VARIETY – We promote a balance of geographic friendly distances for games with a desire for parity, variety, and diversity of opponent. We encourage division rivalries with teams and coaches you develop relationships. Our volume of teams promises this diversity & variety of opponents in good parity & proximity with your program.

COACH FRIENDLY RULES – rules to promote & develop all kids, roster batting allowed, open substitution, no automatic outs (except for ejection), focus on the development of your team – NOT on adhering to complex substitution rules!

NO STRICT LEAGUE BOUNDARIES – we are happy to host teams in the NY, CT, & NJ areas – our sweet spot is Westchester, Dutchess, Rockland, Putnam, NYC Metro and Fairfield Counties but we are attracting more (NY) Ulster, Orange & (CT) Litchfield, New Haven County teams……

We know you have a choice on what league to play in….. 
The Greater Hudson Valley Baseball League works every day to earn the right to host your team every season…..