A league 100% focused on competitive balance & development

One of the most important elements of the GHVBL is our focus and crusade for competitive balance! Pairing teams in close ability results in the best team and player development. Please read the following division descriptions & place your team in a group that “stretches” your team members into the highest division possible.

We want teams choosing divisions that will result in 1-3 run games & as many losses as wins, THAT is parity.

Said differently, there should NEVER be an undefeated team except in the highest GHVBL division. An undefeated season in any level besides our D1 level means the team was not properly placed.

We contend that “A perfect season” in youth travel sports is a team that goes .500,  plays all 1-3 run games, and ends up with a run differential of 0.  THAT is a PERFECT SEASON in youth travel sports!

We have invested in technology to help us analyze season results to better pair and position divisions in good parity and geography – but our first pass depends on YOU. Segment your team(s) in one of the following 4 divisions….

Division 1 (abbreviated D1 – Formerly GHVBL “Elite”) is the highest level of play in an age group. This level is best suited for teams considered as superior or elite in an age group. Elite town programs, competitive regionally, and/or club organizations pulling from multiple towns. D1 programs compete & sometimes win tournaments in the Northeast.

Division 2 (abbreviated D2 – Formerly GHVBL “A”) is the second highest level of play in the GHVBL. Teams segmented as D2 are the top team in a town program. D2 teams are competitive when they participate in regional tournaments and/or regional games. Club organizations that pull from multiple towns, but are not “Elite” may participate in the D2 level.

Division 3 (abbreviated D3 – Formerly GHVBL “B”) is the third highest level of play in the GHVBL. Reserved for the second team in a town age group, it is expected that the vast majority (75% or more) of team members come from ONE town. Club organizations that field two teams in an age group may be considered for placement in this division – but are better placed in D2 at the lowest.

Division 4 (abbreviated D4 – “Town Only” Division) is the fourth highest level of play in the GHVBL. Reserved for town teams ONLY & teams that have struggled to compete in a GHVBL D3. It is REQUIRED that (75% or more) of team members come from ONE town. Club programs and/or town programs with more than 25% of players outside the town border are not allowed to play in D4. D4 is a good placement for “rec” teams and/or programs.

GHVBL administration reserves the right to place teams in divisions that promote parity before, during, or in advance of the end of season playoff tournament. We will always strive to field 4 divisions in each age group, but this will depend on the number of registered teams. While parity is always our highest priority, geography may impact our division placement in some situations.